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Tim Cameron’s Swann Motorcycle Project

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Tim Cameron is an Australian designer with some really nice ideas about making the sport safer and less costly.  As part of a project with IAG Technical Research Centre and Swann Insurance he has developed a concept vehicle making use of “Ablative Design.”  Many low cost components are designed to take the brunt of damage if the bike is laid down.  In his own words,

Think of a $30 alloy cover bearing the brunt of a simple fall off the sidestand, instead of your $2,000 muffler. Simple really. ‘Ablative’ comes from the old Apollo space program, where it was used to describe the heat shield that burnt up whilst protecting the crew on re-entry.

Beyond that the bike makes use of some very nice electronics to handle proximity warnings and alert you if it is not on level ground when leaving it on the side stand.  The proximity sensors that monitor the blindspots are also a plus.


Link: Tim Cameron

Link: Swann Project


Written by Michael

26 May 2008 at 10:24 am